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Welcome to TSL, Transformer Specialties Ltd On-line Web site.
Thank you for choosing to browse New Zealand's leading Transformer Manufacturer web-site, the following is a little information about our company or you may wish to contact us.

Transformer Specialties Ltd was established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985. The transformer industry before then lacked a manufacturer that was able to manufacture a transformer urgently, usually within 24 hours, we soon filled this niche market and haven't turned back. Constant investment in quality staff, product development and manufacturing technology has placed TSL as a leading transformer manufacturer both in New Zealand and overseas.

All our transformers are manufactured in New Zealand to ASNZS61558, (ASNZS 3108) and other international standards.


Contact us about:

  • 5 V.A to 50 KV.A single phase transformers
  • 5 V.A to 50 KV.A two phase transformers
  • 300 V.A to 150 KV.A three phase transformers
  • Auto wound non-isolating, double wound safety isolating and isolating
  • Non standard voltages, high voltage, high current, multi inputs and outputs
  • High impact, weather proof, submersible, hazardous area enclosures
  • Transformers - audio, adaptor, auto, bifilar, battery charger, choke filters, coils, communication, constant voltage, defence, distribution, electroplating, encapsulated, lighting, galvanic isolating, medical, marine, motor start and variable speed, oil filled, scott connected, solenoid, rectifier, radio, variable voltage, welding.
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