Special Custom Build Solutions 1-phase up to 50kV.A

  • TSLtransformers design and manufacture single phase dry type transformers to your specific requirements rated from 1V.A through to 50kV.A at nominal frequency ranges up to 1000Hz. Design and manufacture is based upon the following basic criteria…


  • Open frame Class I (earthing required)

  • Enclosed class I (earthing required)

  • Enclosed class II (double insulated)

Power ratings (Core V.A)

  • “EI” shell type lamination, 1V.A ~ 3,000V.A

  • “LL” core type lamination, 500V.A ~ 3,000V.A

  • “Strip” core type lamination, 4,000V.A ~ 50,000V.A

  • “Toroid” Toroidal ring type lamination 15V.A ~ 1,000V.A

Voltage ratings (prim input & sec output)

  • Safety isolating 0 ~ 50vac (ASNZS61558.2.6)

  • Isolating 51vac ~ 1000vac (ASNZS61558.2.4)

  • Isolating 1001vac ~ 5000vac (IEC60076)

  • Auto non-isolating 0 ~ 1000vac (IEC61558.2.13)

Winding arrangements

  • Non-isolated (auto) common winding

  • Isolated Center divided (side by side) & Concentric (one above another)

  • Isolated Bifilar, Sandwich and Pancake (interwound) windings

Insulation arrangements

  • BIL insulation coordination to 8kv / 50µS, thermal classes B, F & H (120~220ºC)

  • BIL insulation coordination to 10~25kv / 50µS, thermal classes F & H (155~220ºC)

  • BIL insulation coordination to 30kv / 50µS, thermal classes F & H (155~220ºC)


  • Flying leads 250mm off winding ≤500 amp, ≤5000 volt

  • Terminal block style ≤32 amp, ≤450 volt, Terminal DIN rail style ≤300 amp, ≤800 volt

  • Terminal studs ≤265 amp, ≤1000 volt & lugs off winding ≤2000 amp, ≤5000 volt


  • “PCB” printed circuit board solder pin mounting, 1 ~ 8V.A

  • “U” clamped with two mounting holes 5 ~ 30V.A

  • “DIN” 35mm symmetrical rail mounting 5 ~ 300V.A (≤5.0kg)

  • “L” feet or base plate with four mounting holes 50 ~ 50,000V.A


  • ABS plastic IP40 & IP67

  • Mild steel epoxy powder coated, IP40

  • Aluminium marine grade epoxy powder coated, IP54, IP55, IP65

  • Stainless steel IP54, IP55

Product codification

  • TSLtransformers has adopted a product codification system to enable easy identification of custom build products.

    You will find the product code on the product label and on other documentation relating to the product, the coding system is explained as follows…